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Storage tents EURO

Features of storage tents EURO

• Vertical side wall • Eave height is 3.5m.
• Double reinforced frame
• Large gates - height 4.2m, width 4.6m
• Mechanical winch for gates.
• Strong construction. Heavy load of wind and snow
• Installation takes 4-6 working days
• Possibility to order with thicker PVC910 tent.
• It is possible to order with a sectional gate.

Warehouse tents EURO models

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Model Length, m Width, m Height, m Spacing between arches, m Gate size WxH, m Area, m2 Tent PVC, g/m2 Frame tube Price without VAT
EURO 225 18.3 12.2 5.8 1.5 4.6x4.2 224 750 Double round 60 mm €11500
EURO 315 26 12.2 5.8 1.5 4.6x4.2 315 750 Double round 60 mm €15600

    Why the EURO series?

    PVC hangar EURO 225 is the first double frame hangar in our selection. It is a large and solid construction, for the installation of which we recommend an asphalt or concrete foundation.

    The hangar frame are made of 60 mm diameter pipes with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. The hangar is with doors at both ends, which are lifted by a winch. If necessary, we can install the panel doors. To do this, ask for an offer.

    The height of the top of the hangar is 5.8 meters, which ensures a high roof pitch and, as a result, the snow is removed very well.

    The advantage of this model is the small distance between the arcs, which gives a high strength. Very few manufacturers have a map gap of 1.5 meters. This is one of the most important parameters when choosing a pvc hangar.

    Which hangar to choose?

    There are many suppliers of hangars in the market. It is difficult to choose the best one that will last a long time and be low maintenance and reasonably priced. When buying a hangar, please note:

    what is the background of the company – has been operating for a long time
    whether the consultant is technically sufficiently competent
    what is the construction of the metal frame of the hangar – arcs
    what is the distance between the arcs
    how big is the angle of the roof – is teh snow coming down
    which doors are used – how convenient to use
    Is there support if something happens

    Ask a technical consultant for an independent consultation on the construction of the various hangars.

    PVC tent and metal frame

    In order to ensure the long life of pvc tent, you must choose a proper and strong coating material. The metal frame and its coating are also important. With the right choice, you guarantee a pvc gray life of up to 25 years. Read more here. Read more.

    Ground preparation and fixing to the ground

    Our hangars can be fixed to ground, gravel, asphalt, concrete or any other surface. Everything is included with the hangar for fixing to the ground. Ask our specialists for more information and read more here.

    Installation and mobility

    PVC hangar is easy to install. You will definitely be able to handle it yourself. In most cases, this requires 3 workers. Everything you need for installation is included with the hangar. The operating instructions explain the step-by-step installation. We also have installation videos “LINK” and additional explanatory materials. Of course we have a team to install. If you wish, you can order only our technical specialist if you need a consultation. By phone and video bridge, the default is free. Read more about the installation here.


    According to the conditions, a project must be prepared. The project must be prepared by a qualified specialist.
    Our engineer is a 7-level engineer and he will prepare a project that meets your conditions. Read more here.

    How and where to use

    The hangar is now ready for use. When using, follow the instructions for use so that the hangar is durable and well maintained. Read more here.