Price list

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FormModelPrice without VATLength, mWidth, mHeight, mSpacing between arches, mGate size WxH, mArea, m2Tent PVC, g/m2
NORDA 55€ 310010,05,505,323,4 x 4,155650
NORDA 110€ 620020,05,505,323,4 x 4,1110650
MARCO 56€ 32008,07,004,823,7 x 3,556650
MARCO 84€ 370012,07,004,823,7 x 3,584650
ALASKA ECO 110€ 450012,09,155,523,7 x 4,2110750
ALASKA 110€ 500012,09,155,513,7 x 4,2110750
ALASKA ECO 180€ 640020,09,155,523,7 x 4,2180750
ALASKA 180€ 750020,09,155,513,7 x 4,2180750
ALASKA 240€ 870026,09,155,513,7 x 4,2240750
ALASKA-S 110€ 500012,09,155,513,7 x 4,1110750
ALASKA-S 180€ 750020,09,155,513,7 x 4,1183750
ALASKA-S 240€ 970026,09,155,513,7 x 4,1238750
EURO 225€1200018,312,205,81,54,6 x 4,1224750
EURO 315€1630026,012,205,81,54,6 x 4,1315750
EURO EXT 225€1290018,312,207,024,6 x 4,3224750
EURO EXT 315€1670026,012,207,024,6 x 4,3315750
VEGA 465€2500030,4815,247,02,34,6 x 4,3465910
VEGA 696€3700045,7215,247,02,34,6 x 4,3465910
ASTRA 170€ 220023,107,3231,543 x 2,5170
ASTRA 215€ 280029,267,3231,543 x 2,5215
Argo 16€ 1600442,41,216
Argo 36€ 3500663,7236
ST36-62€ 1700**6,066,11,8*22,6 x 3,136650
ST36-62D€ 2600**6,066,11,8*22,6 x 3,136650
FormModelPrice without VATLength, mWidth, mHeight, mSpacing between arches, mGate size WxH, mArea, m2Tent PVC, g/m2

* Height above container
** Price indicated without front and back walls

We also offer:
Rear wall €500 + VAT
– Front wall with a gate 2,6 m wide and 3,1 m high €550 + VAT

Prices for assembly of storage tents

If you want to solve machinery, equipment storage, livestock storage or other challenges and problems more efficiently, tarpaulin sheds are for you.
Our team is a team of professionals with many years of experience and the latest technology and highest quality materials.

Storex can offer: lightweight hangars for storage, canopies for shipping containers, livestock shelters, industrial-type greenhouses and partner canopies, and many other customised designs. Storex NORDA, MARCO, ALASKA, EURO, VEGA, ASTRA, Argo and ST series hangars are available in a variety of densities to suit your business needs.

A handy information table allows you to see the dimensions and other relevant features of each hangar model. Here you will also find the hangar assembly price in euros, excluding VAT. If you have any questions or personalised needs, we always welcome your calls or emails. Our customer service specialists will look into your needs as soon as possible and offer you the most effective solutions and the best price.

Storex can assemble hangars throughout Lithuania and even abroad in various European countries. If you want a fast and reliable solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch now and get the most out of your business!

How much can it cost to build a hangar?

The cost of collecting the hangar is shown in the table below. However, if you have a unique need or are looking for a non-standard solution, the final rates may vary. The hangar for sale will have a standardised tariff, but the specifics of installation services are often not the same. We will be happy to provide you with quotes and prices after a free consultation. Every situation is individual, so you need to carefully assess the circumstances, technical possibilities and expectations to get the most out of your solution.

There are also various factors that could influence the price of services. Here are the factors that determine the cost of hangar assembly:

  • Deadline – In some cases, customers need to assemble their hangars very quickly or by a set deadline. In this case, the price of the service may increase. That’s why it’s important for the Storex team to know about your deadline requirements in advance.

  • Land preparation – site preparation work can add additional time and complexity to the assembly of the hangar.

  • Additional structural elements – If there is a need for additional structures in the hangar, such as windows, gates, doors, ventilation openings and others, the cost of assembling the hangar will inevitably vary.

  • Warm/cold hangar – this option can also change the price.

How do I calculate how much hangar space I need?

Firstly, determine the number and volume of objects, animals or other items that will be stored in the hangar. You can define a preliminary reference point based on the area covered. Don’t choose a hangar that is too small, but also add at least 15-30% extra space. It will be needed for aisles, growing volumes, ancillary equipment or unforeseen needs. If the hangar has to be enlarged every time circumstances change, or is no longer usable, this is not optimal. For this reason, we always advise you to choose models that are at least slightly larger than the expected footprint.

For almost any other type of hangar, the area is also calculated taking into account the current needs and how much they could grow in the near future. Our experts can always provide a useful and accurate offer for the assembly of sheds of sufficient size at an attractive price.

How to choose the right hangar for your business?

Storex are specialists in hangars. We have many different types and models to suit different needs and/or activities. Both universal and specialised solutions allow businesses of all sizes or individuals to solve storage puzzles.

Awning pavilions

These structures are mostly suitable for outdoor sales, exhibitions or other similar types of events. A mobile and temporary shelter can be assembled in any space, moved or dismantled quite quickly. The pavilion helps protect against sunlight or rain and heat. Different sizes of pavilions are available to suit your needs.

Storage tents for sports arenas

If you want to organise or organise sporting events on a regular basis, it is useful to have a solution to protect against adverse sporting conditions. Timing is usually important, but weather conditions are not always predictable or favourable. The shed can be adapted for selected sports, such as children’s sports, petanque and others.

Storage tents for hay bales

For individuals, businesses or communities, one of the most common challenges is a very specific one – the storage and warehousing of bales of hay. To avoid unsafe or inconvenient storage of hay and to find a cost-effective solution, Storex offers a range of specially designed hay bale storage sheds. This will increase the efficiency of the farm and make it easier not only to store, but also to move and transport hay as needed.

Storage tents for events

For events, we need to make sure the spaces are under cover. Rest, dining, entertainment, conversation, lecture or other areas can be created with the help of tilt-up hangars alone. With different sizes and shapes available, it’s easy to find a solution to suit your event. Guests will be protected from the rain or hot sun in the hangar.

Tented hangars for storage

Storage solutions are probably the most common area in which tarpaulin hangars are used. As temporary structures, they offer users a great deal of flexibility, both logistically and financially. A hangar can be ready for storage from scratch in just 1-2 days, so it is definitely a better solution than concrete structures.

These hangars can be used to store motorised machinery, tools, transport, supplies or other important appliances.

Other applications for tarpaulin hangars

Storex can do much more than just the above. We also have specialised solutions that can meet other needs.

  • Canopies for sea containers – standard 2.6m high sea containers are used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you are storing goods, vehicles, tools, waste or anything else, Storex sheds are designed for these dimensions.

  • Livestock shelters – Livestock shelters in different sizes allow you to simplify the protection of your livestock from precipitation, gusty winds or the scorching sun, even in the harshest seasons. This is a useful solution for farmers and breeders with menageries.

  • Frames for industrial greenhouses – Farmers, gardeners, horticultural professionals and hobbyists need greenhouses to nurture a variety of crops. A variety of large-area structures are perfect for this, and we will also offer you a partner’s awning cover specifically for greenhouses.

Once you have chosen the right type of hangar, our team will provide you with a concrete quote for the hangar assembly service and the best price or terms!