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Storage tents NORDA

Features of storage tents NORDA

• Great alternative when other models are not suitable due to limited space.
• Large hangar height, smaller area.
• Gate height 4.1m, can be entered with a truck.
• Gates from both sides of the hangar.

Warehouse tents NORDA models

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Model Length, m Width, m Height, m Spacing between arches, m Gate size WxH, m Area, m2 Tent PVC, g/m2 Frame tube Price without VAT
NORDA 55 10 5.5 5.3 2 3.4x4.1 55 650 Round 60 mm €2900
NORDA 110 20 5.5 5.3 2 3.4x4.1 110 650 Round 60 mm €5800